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It’s almost time for our year end show and this years production Yellow Brick Road will take place on Friday, June 10 / Saturday, June 11th at the Nexus Theatre in the First United Church (450 Okanagan Ave E). There will be two shows: Junior and Senior. We’ve done our best to separate the shows by age and level, however some students will be participating in both shows; Please see the line up listed below to check which show(s) your child is in. Tickets will be $15 each and sold on a first come, first served basis with sales starting Tuesday , May 17th. Please visit our office or send a request via email to shuswapdance@gmail.com to purchase (no requests will be processed until the sale date).

Now for the fun part! Your child’s class will be listed in one of the 4 shows. If your child is in 2 separate shows they will be required to come to both. We did our best to separate by age though it didn’t work out for all. All children will be required to wear a mask in common spaces of the Nexus. They will be permitted to be removed while they are on stage.


Each costume will be rented out for $25. All ballet classes (and some additional classes) will require that dancers bring a pair of pink ballet tights. You can purchase these in our dancewear shop.

Stage Makeup is required for shows, not for dress rehearsals: Foundation, blush and/or bronzer, brown eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick.

Hair: Ballet bun unless otherwise directed by teacher.

Our Intermediate and Advanced competitive students will be involved in both shows. Parents of these dancers are to buy tickets for the Sr Show.

Attending performance:

Please turn your phones off during the performance. Absolutely no pictures or videos are to be taken. Hoot, holler, and clap – The dancers love to hear the audiences excitement! It has been 2 years since we have been able to perform live so let’s make this memorable! When the show is done please remain in your seats until directed by staff. Once your dancer is changed and ready to exit you will be ushered out of your seat. This will avoid congestion in our lobby.

Please direct any questions to shuswapdance@gmail.com or call 250-515-0131.


If dancers are in both shows it is very important they attend both! We thank you for your understanding!

Gala Show: June 17th @ 6:30

Show highlights all our competition pieces. Come support the dedicated dancers!


Last Day of classes is Saturday June 4th

The Yellow Brick Road

Dress Rehearsals

Finale Dancers: Monday June 6: 4-5pm

Musical Theatre 2/3: Monday, June 6: 5-6pm

Intermediate/Advanced: Monday June 6: 6-8pm

All Junior Show Dancers:

Tuesday, June 7: 4-8pm (Kinder/Creative 4-6 only)

All Senior Show Dancers:

Wednesday, June 8: 4-8pm

Show Day

Junior Show:

Friday, June 10 at 6:30pm (Dancers arrive at 5:30pm)

Senior Show:
Saturday, June 11 at 6:30pm (Dancers arrive at 5:30pm)

Junior Show Cast

Musical Theatre 2-Thursday 6:45
Primary Ballet-Tuesday 2:45
Advanced 1/2 Modern-Tuesday 4
Creative Ballet -Tuesday 2:45
Perform 6/7/8- Wednesday 4:45
Creative Acro-Wednesday 2:45
Musical Theatre 1- Thursday 6:00
Tap 1/2- Tuesday 3:30
Acro 1- Wednesdays 3:30
Kinder/Tap 3/4- Fridays 11:00
Grade 1 Ballet-Tuesdays 4:00
Inter/Adv. 1/2 Ballet-
Adv. Hip Hop
Grade 5/6 Ballet
Kinder Tap 4/5 years- Fridays 11:00
Finale – All Contemporary Grade 3 – Advanced

Senior Show Cast:

Musical Theatre 2-Thursdays 6:45

Open Teen ballet- Wednesdays 5:45

Open Skaters- Wednesdays 6:45

Advanced 1/2 modern

Acro 3- Wednesdays 4:45

Intermediate Hip hop- Wednesdays 6:45

9+ hip Hop- Wednesdays 5:45

Advanced tap

Intermediate modern

Gr 3 &4 Ballet- Mondays 3

Inter/Advanced 1 & 2 Ballet

Gr 3/4/5/6 Modern Thursday 3:45

Gr 3/4/5/6 Tap- Thursday 3:45

Acro 2 Wednesdays 3:30

Advanced hip hop

Gr 5/6 ballet- Mondays 5:00

Teen Lyrical- Tuesdays 5:00

Finale- All Contemporary Students